Vereinsgründung - 2021 März 10 - ZVR 1438206697

Mit Stolz geben wir bekannt, dass wir neun ein eV sind. Also her mit den Spenden! ;-)
wenn ihr Wünsche, Beschwerden, Anregungen, Material habt.
Ihr könnt uns gerne unter: plankton (auf fb) oder kontaktieren.
Derzeit versuchen wir Unterstützung für die Anschaffung von Equipment und für Honorare unserer Künstlerinnen zu lukrieren.

wöchentlicher Livestream
Donnerstag und Freitag

Seit nunmehr 2 Monaten bringen wir euch jede Woche ein paar Stunden Normalität. Aber wir sind immer untriebig. Besucht uns auf mozilla hubs.

Upcoming weekly livestream
Thursdays and Fridays

We like to give to you our upcoming live-events and classiXs. Plankton electronic movement understands itself as a collective of artists, musicians, VJ's and technicians who started in September 2019. At this time we were given the unique opportunity of creating a unique light sculpture in the old town of Linz (Austria). The sculpture representing the shape of a whale led us to our collective name (plankton). From this starting point we collaborated with local DJ's for creating monthly events. The sets we recorded are now being remastered and presented too you on a weekly bases on Thursdays, 8 PM as plankton-classiXs. But we have not been lazy the last year. Due to the CoVid-19 restrictions we started our homesessions early 2020. We are aiming for new experiences using cutting-edge technologies. Due too the know-how within our group, we were able too establish point to point interactive environments. In collaboration with the tabacco factory Linz (Austria), we were able to start mixing different styles and arts and merge them into new art forms. Experimentation and openmindedness are important values too us. The prolonged lockdown situation we find ourselves in gave us the chance for developing ourselves in new fields. We established which is a streaming platform which gives us the freedom of delivering content without the use of the established big networks like facebook or youtube. Our latest ventures you will be able to experience every Friday 9 PM on this website. For further interaction modells stay tuned and also follow our feeds on facebook and instagram.